At Summer Camp, the Eating is Good, a Camp Fire First Texas blog by Dianne McKinley

Food Service and Housekeeping Manager

A pre-summer camp check-in with Food Service and Housekeeping Manager, Dianne McKinley.

Food service is an important part of having a successful summer camp.

Our dedicated kitchen staff works hard to make sure our campers are well fed all summer long at Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro. This year, Dianne McKinley is leading our kitchen. Dianne has been with Camp Fire since 2012, previously in a part-time cook position before becoming Food Service and Housekeeping Assistant in 2018.

After the retirement of Lisa Epps in January, Dianne is taking on the role of Food Service and Housekeeping Manager. Prior to joining Camp Fire, Dianne worked with Granbury ISD for more than 12 years in food service and food service management. So, you know, she’s more than ready to manage the kitchen at Camp El Tesoro this year.

But before Dianne goes and gets too busy making sure everyone at El Tesoro stays satisfied and full during summer, we asked her to contribute to the Camp Fire blog. She graciously accepted, noting it’s her “very first blog.”

What cooking for camp means to me

I really enjoy working around and with kids, so I enjoy preparing food for them. Seeing their reactions and hearing their comments is always interesting. I’ve had kids ask me to go work in food service at their schools. In my book, that’s a pretty high compliment.

It means a lot to serve campers fresh food that also looks appealing. As I always say, don’t serve anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. People really do eat with their eyes!

Why good cooking is important to camp

Vestal Odom at the grill

If campers are happy with the food that is served and the environment, hopefully they will be returning campers for many years to come.

My favorite meals to cook at camp

One of my favorite meals to prepare is tacos. We serve it with Spanish rice, beans, tortillas, and churros!

One of my favorite meals to eat are the hamburgers that my boss, Vestal Odom, cooks outside on the grill. They’re so good! I occasionally help him cook them.

What keeps me going

I am a mom of two sons and one daughter. I am a grandma to one grandson and one granddaughter.

My grandchildren are the light in my eyes. They are what keeps me going and smiling everyday.

Will you enjoy Dianne’s cooking at Camp El Tesoro?

Registration is now open for Overnight Camp and Nature Day Camp programs. We hope to see you this summer!