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Small groups, Field Trips, Volunteering and Mentoring

Teens in Action provides year-round support to high school students to remain actively engaged in school, graduate and prepare for a promising future. Teens in Action combines small group meetings, field trips, community volunteering and mentoring to promote commitment and follow through and inspire vision for the future. The program boosts confidence, builds self-esteem and develops leadership skills. Youth are encouraged to reach for their dreams despite life’s circumstances and ultimately become adults who build society and give back to the community.


FREE Weekly Summer Program for Teens
June 13 – July 29, 2022

Program Benefits

Armed with these skills, and with the guidance of trained, caring adults, we know that Camp Fire participants are more likely to:

Current School Partners

Jean McClung Middle School, FWISD
J.P. Elder Middle School, FWISD
W.A. Meacham Middle School, FWISD
Kirkpatrick Middle School, FWISD
Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School, FWISD
North Side High School, FWISD
O.D. Wyatt High School, FWISD

Your school could be next!

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Meeting Details

Jean McClung Middle School: Monday – Go Center lunch & afterschool

JP Elder Middle School: Tuesday – Go Center lunch & Library afterschool

Meacham Middle School: Thursday – GO Center lunch program and in the cafeteria for afterschool

Kirkpatrick Middle School: Thursday – Go Center lunch & Cafeteria afterschool

OD Wyatt High School: Tuesday – Go Center lunch

North Side High School: Wednesday Rm A212 lunch & Rm 219 afterschool

Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School: Thursday – Library lunch & afterschool