Board of Directors

Camp Fire First Texas Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers whose responsibility to the council is for policy, administration, strategic planning, financial stability, and support of Camp Fire’s programs. Board members are are elected at the annual meeting for three-year terms, with one-third of the board being elected each year. The Executive Committee of the board is made up of a Board Chair, Vice Chair of Administration, Vice Chair of Planning, Vice Chair of Financial Development, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to three members of the board appointed by the Board Chair who are at-large members of the Committee.

2021 Board of Directors

jake yarbrough headshot

Jake Yarbrough
Board Chair

Anne Carvalho
Vice Chair, Administration

Lisa Mares
Vice Chair, Financial Development

Drenda Williams Witt
Vice Chair, Planning

Robert Pike

Will Jung

Lauren Richard

Teresa Ayala
Katie Briggs
Dr. Christi Buell
Michelle Clark
Michelle Crim
Kimberly D’Avignon
Jim DeBacker
Jason Helton
Clay Hooper
Jay Jackson
Donna James-Harvey
Dava Kaitala
Dr. Elva LeBlanc

Erma E. Lee
Lauren H. McDonald
Jason M. McMillan
Aileen Milton
Mayra Olivares-Urueta
W. Travis Patterson
Miranda Plusnick
Robert J. Reeb, III
Devin Sanders
Derrick Thomas
Carlos Walker
Doug White


brandon chase headshot

Brandon Chase

Vice Chair
J. B. Strong

Lindsay Daniel

Lindsey Hester
Ashley LaCamp
Bill McCoy
Evie Richardson

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