Camp Fire First Texas Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer leaders whose responsibility to the organization is to oversee governance, strategic planning, financial health, and support of Camp Fire’s programs. Board members are elected to serve for three-year terms. The Executive Committee of the board is made up of a Board Chair, Vice Chair of Administration, Vice Chair of Financial Development, Vice Chair of Planning, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to three members of the board appointed by the Board Chair who are at-large members of the Committee.

2024 Board of Directors

Headshot of Lisa D. Mares

Lisa D. Mares Board Chair

Jay Jackson Vice Chair, Administration

Clay Hooper Vice Chair, Financial Development

Michelle Crim Vice Chair, Planning

Will Jung Secretary

Jason McMillan Treasurer

Brian Miller President & CEO

Rachel Arellano

Teresa Ayala

Christi Buell, Ed.D.

Joshua Cottle

Kimberly D’Avignon

Simeon Henderson

Erma E. Lee

Shane Mudge

Vanna Ngo

Mayra Olivares-Urueta, Ph.D.

Isa Peña-Keller

Miranda Plusnick

Laura Power, M.D.

Drew Ruiz

Trudy Sanders

2024 El Tesoro
Foundation Board

Headshot of Brandon ChaseBrandon Chase Chairman


J. B. Strong Vice Chair

Lindsay Daniel Secretary/Treasurer

Lindsey Hester
Ashley Lacamp Moore
Bill McCoy
Evie Richardson