Calling all North Texans who have participated in a
Camp Fire program to join the Camp Fire First Texas Alumni Club!

The goal of the Alumni Association is to foster the spirit of loyalty and friendship, build community, generate resources, and keep members meaningfully connected to Camp Fire and Camp El Tesoro. The Association is dedicated to preserving memories while aiding Camp Fire in building a future where all kids can find their spark and become tomorrow’s future leaders.

A Camp Fire Alumni is Any

Even if you participated in a Camp Fire program in another region, we want you to join the Camp Fire First Texas Alumni Club.

Our goal is to reconnect Camp Fire Alumni living in North Texas to the Camp Fire Promise.

The Camp Fire First Texas Alumni Club is a great place to reconnect with others, meet new friends and learn more about current Camp Fire programs. Join today and use the leadership skills learned in Camp Fire to support young people in our community and help them find their spark. Additionally, you will find opportunities to network at special alumni events, participate in special programs and be the first to know the news of Camp Fire First Texas.

When you join, you receive