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Most adults have experienced loss and grief, but children do not always possess the necessary skills to cope with their loss effectively. El Tesoro de la Vida, a week-long resident camp for children ages 7-17, helps children learn these skills alongside their peers.

The program consists of 90% traditional camping activities such as horseback riding, archery, canoeing, hiking, nature study, swimming, crafts, sports and games. The other 10% of activities are structured to help children through the natural grieving process. Certified professional counselors lead small group sessions and are on-site at all times to provide counseling and support.

Campers are placed in cabins based on age and gender along with two adult volunteers who are educated in the grieving process.

Camp El Tesoro de la Vida is made possible in part through the generosity of many individuals, foundations and organizations in the community. In 2022, 87% of the campers attended on a scholarship, which was made possible by this generosity.

Awakening Growth Mindsets at Camp

Age-appropriate activities develop confidence in our campers while they build new skills and make new friends in the outdoors. The wide range of activities from horseback riding and archery to crafts, swimming and woodshop create opportunities that show each camper they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

You Belong Here

Camp Fire offers programs where every young person can be their whole self and connect with others and nature in a safe, affirming environment.

Camp accepts you for who you are.
At Camp YOU can be YOU.
Camp shows you how to love nature, yourself and others.

Camp Fire’s Statement of Inclusion: Camp Fire believes in the dignity and the intrinsic worth of every human being. We welcome, affirm, and support young people and adults of all abilities and disabilities, experiences, races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, religion and non-religion, citizenship and immigration status, and any other category people use to define themselves or others. We strive to create safe and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships.

July 21 – 27, 2024

Seven Day Session $850

Ages 7 – 17

Scholarship applications are available as part of the camp application.

Campership assistance is limited and awarded based on a variety of factors, including annual household income, date the application is received, number of people in the household, and extenuating circumstances.

Application Process Required

Due to the uniqueness of Camp Fire El Tesoro de la Vida Camp for Grieving Children, each application is reviewed by a licensed therapist. It takes at least two weeks to process most applications. Therapists will begin making calls for family interviews in May.

Acceptance to El Tesoro de la Vida will be based upon the counselor interview and recommendation.

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“Camp was an uplifting event that changed my perspective on the whole death and grief experience.”

-7th grade boy


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