We believe kids and teens are leaders now.
They don’t need to wait for the future to shape the world.

Our programs are intentionally designed to instill life-changing skills that develop kids and teens who are more likely to:

Have a sense of purpose – Achieve their full potential – Demonstrate social competence – Lead a healthy lifestyle – Be environmentally conscious – Stay in school

In addition to being fun and rich in outcomes, our programs are tied to state and national
standards to help youth achieve academically as well as socially. We guide kids and teens of all
ages to boost their confidence and unlock their potential so they can thrive—where they are

24,601 children, youth and adults impacted24,601 children, youth and adults impacted
1,452 volunteers1,452 volunteers
39 program sites39 program sites
94% of youth feel happy heard and supported in camp fire94% of youth feel happy heard and supported in camp fire

Camp Fire Outcomes

We focus on ensuring the programs and people we work with benefit by developing life-long skills such as grit, growth mindset, ability to resolve conflicts and set goals in a way to attain them (even when things don’t go as expected). In fact, we measure these outcomes year over year – over year. Our data shows youth in Camp Fire are thriving!

Percent of growth in thriving indicators

Taking a Closer Look

Camp Fire School Readiness Program

Camp Fire supported children do better on Kindergarten readiness skills than a comparison group in the same FWISD elementary schools. Texturing signifies statistical significance.

Most children in Camp Fire School Readiness Programs either continued to make or improved upon making acceptable academic and developmental progress.

All age groups experienced an overall increase from beginning to end of the year in social-emotional skills in the strength’s category.

Community Early Education Workforce Development

Teen Program Outcomes

Teen Program Outcomes

Camp Fire youth in the Teens in Action program continue to surpass national average on all scores (scale of 1-4) for Thriving Scales and Methods to Succeed. This includes: Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Nature, Growth Mindset, Spark Champions, Discovering Your Spark, Goal Setting/Shifting Gears, Reflection.

Camps and Outdoor Education Outcomes (Texas Outdoor Education Center)

2019 Outdoor Education Program Quality scores Chart

Overnight Camp surpassed the quality threshold in all program quality domains.

2019 summer camp program quality scores

Outdoor Education Programs surpassed the quality threshold in all program quality domains.

measuring impact

Camp Fire School Readiness Outcomes data is compiled and measured annually. For full details, please
refer to the most current School Readiness Report

All program outcomes are compiled from Camp Fire Program Quality Assessment and Youth Pre/Post
outcome evaluations. This data is then evaluated by Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates (HTA) and
compared to known national benchmarks for effective youth outcomes.