It’s that time of year – teachers are feeling overwhelmed.

School has begun. It’s very busy at work. You’re dreaming of your summer vacations. We’ve just gone through a heatwave.  Before we know it, the holidays will be here.

You’re feeling overwhelmed.

You ask yourself this question, “When will I have time for ME?” Although I might not have the answer you would like to hear, I do have some suggestions. Taking care of you is the best medicine you can give yourself. In order to be the best “YOU” there is, you must take time out to refresh your mind, emotions, and body. I’ve experienced several ways of taking care ME:

Refreshing your Mind

Relax: I’ve found ways of relaxing by finding something enjoyable to do at least once a week. That enjoyable thing could be:

  1. Spending time with friends. This allows you to enjoy good food, good conversation, and great laughter.
  2. Take a long walk or long drive. Walking through the park or around the neighborhood allows your mind to be free from all the busyness you’ve encountered during the week, day or month.
  3. Do Nothing! Yes, absolutely NOTHING. No chores, no shopping, no errands. Just staying in bed and reading or watching a tv marathon. Of course, you take time out to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that’s only a few feet away from the kitchen or a phone call for delivery.

Refreshing your Emotions

Organize: You know that TO DO LIST that never ends? On that list could be clean the garage. Start by cleaning one area of the garage a day. You may need to take a break in between days and that’s okay. Don’t stress about how many days it will take to clean it all, just focus on the feeling you get when you have one day checked off the list.

Prioritize: What’s most important and what should be done first. Put tasks and special projects in order of most important to least important. This could range from paying bills, fixing something that’s broken, or completing a job task.

Stay Calm: No yelling, screaming, or hollering.

  • Not yelling or raising your voice can be difficult at times, especially when you have children who have selective hearing (they hear what they want to hear, when they want to hear it and block out your voice along the way).
  • No screaming – you know when you’re downstairs, or down the hall and just don’t want to get up to say what you have to say. Yes, I’ve been there.
  • Hollering – that’s when you’ve repeated yourself over and over and no one is responding. Yeah, none of that either.

Refreshing your Body

Exercise: find time to do this as much as possible.

Eat Right: Cut out foods that make you sleepy and tired all the time.

Sleep: As much as you can. Avoid staying up past your bedtime looking for things to do. Some of those things can wait.

Breaks: Take breaks frequently.

And last, but certainly not least…

Attend Professional Development at Camp Fire

Professional Development is geared toward helping you Refresh yourself. We intentionally provide training sessions that help you to be the best teacher and administrator in your facility.

We focus on the whole person, whole child, whole facility.

We also focus on helping you be successful while creating success in children as well.

Topics include:

  • New Year, New You
  • Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Positive Connections
  • Child Development Associate Course
  • Coaching/Mentoring Course
  • Directors Credential
  • Annual Early Childhood Conference

Refresh your mind, emotions and body! Refresh Yourself!

Sharon Young is the Director of Professional Development at Camp Fire First Texas. Over the last twenty years, she has worked in both the public and private sectors of education. Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science in education from Hofstra University, a Master of Science in education with an emphasis in curriculum and instruction, and an Ed.D. in educational leadership and policy studies, both from Tarleton State University. She is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Southern Early Childhood Association and the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System.