Impact of Camp Fire

2022-09-29T12:31:02-05:00April 25, 2022|Adults, Camps|

From memories of summer camps, and lifelong friendships, to engaging afterschool and teen programs, from training for the early education community to mentoring and apprenticeship programs. Camp Fire First Texas means so much, to so many people.

Everyday Heroes

2022-09-29T12:36:30-05:00October 14, 2021|Adults|

At Camp Fire we have many everyday heroes. They include the individuals and organizations that recognize the importance of our programs and support our efforts through financial support or the volunteers that selflessly give of their time.


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We must learn to take some time for “you” time which better enables us to handle our many responsibilities.  What this may look like is different for everyone but that makes it no less important for any of us. 


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