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Community Partnerships Manager, Early Education

Jamila Titus, Community Partnerships Manager, Early Education

Jamila Titus, Community Partnerships Manager, Early Education

Are you or a family from your child care center needing resource services?

Early Education Workforce Development (EEWD) recently launched a new service for Camp Fire-affiliated early childhood educators and the families of their corresponding child care centers.

Whether it’s identifying good mental health care, financial resources for bills, behavioral health care programs, housing programs, substance abuse programs, and more for yourself, a family member, or a family of your center, the EEWD team is here to help.

Jamila Titus, EEWD Community Partnerships Manager, serves as a community relations representative of Camp Fire. She contributes her noteworthy knowledge of family engagement and crisis intervention through professional development training and meets the administrative needs of EEWD. Jamila is an EEWD staff member promoted to serve as a community resource liaison for early childhood educators involved in our professional development, mentorship, and apprenticeship programs.

“Resource services are here for our Camp Fire affiliated educators and the families at the centers we serve,” Jamila says. “I am here to research for you and connect you with the resources I find for you upon a full assessment of your needs. The service includes a needs assessment and resource navigation, which consists of a full explanation of the resources given and how to utilize them, along with any additional tips that may be helpful during the service. Though resources do not come directly from Camp Fire, some other credible local agencies and organizations will provide your needed aid.

For example, if an educator needs help paying their electricity or water bills, I would provide the information to local and federal resources they could prequalify for based on my research. I would provide helpful information about how to apply for the aid, how often they could apply, application deadlines, and other information that could be essential to helping the educator resolve their crisis.”

How can you take advantage of Community Resource Services?

Contact Jamila directly via phone at 817-806-5417 or email at [email protected].

The online request form can be filled out where you can expect a follow-up call or email from Jamila to assist:

How can families of your center receive resource services?

  • You can provide Jamila’s contact information directly to the family.
  • The request form can be filled out by an educator on behalf of the family.
  • The family can complete the online request form:

There are no wrong questions! Reach out, and we’ll do our absolute best to connect you with beneficial community resources!

If you are interested in finding out more about Community Resource Services offered by Camp Fire EEWD please complete the form here.