Will you RIDE with Camp Fire on North Texas Giving Day?

Chief Advancement Officer

headshot of Ryan Barrera

Ryan Barrera, Chief Advancement Officer

In the local nonprofit world, there is an event that is essentially our Super Bowl, our Christmas, our…Taylor Swift Eras Tour – and that is, North Texas Giving Day!

This 18-hour online giving event will take place on Thursday, September 21, and is the largest community-wide giving event not only in North Texas, but in the NATION.​

During North Texas Giving Day, everyone can find their passion and give with purpose, uniting to build a stronger and more vibrant community.  In 2022 alone, $62.6 million was raised through 94,385 donors, benefiting 3,210 local nonprofits, bringing the fourteen-year total to over $503 million for our community. That is WILD to think about – half of a billion dollars generated by generous North Texans through this single giving day.

Since its inception in 2009, Camp Fire First Texas has participated in this signature event and has been proud to do so. Over these fourteen years, we have raised $195,556 via North Texas Giving Day. Our messaging and efforts have mostly aimed to raise vital unrestricted funds to sustain and grow our work.  On occasion, we have asked for your financial support to address specific needs, such as in 2021 when we raised funds to purchase a small bus. That was a highly successful campaign. We thank each and every supporter who contributed not only to providing Camp Fire the ability to purchase that small bus, but also to aid in our success over the other years.

With growing program participation across our organization and an increased need to raise our community profile, we have decided to dedicate our 2023 fundraising efforts for North Texas Giving Day to support the acquisition of a multi-purpose passenger vehicle to meet the strategic and evolving needs of our mission.

Illustration of van showing scale of donations with $30,000 goal

To learn more about how this vehicle addition will support Camp Fire in the years to come, please visit northtexasgivingday.org/organization/campfirefw

Camp Fire’s passionate supporters will help make this possible!

We ask for you to get behind Camp Fire with a financial contribution that is meaningful to your household, and to share about us through social media, email, or groups that you participate in.

There is no shortage of reputable and deserving nonprofits to support on September 21, and we are grateful to serve in a region that consists of so many people doing great things, but we hope and ask for your giving plan to include Camp Fire First Texas this year.  Pro tip: you can schedule your gift as soon as September 1, so if you would like to check it off your list early, you can!

In short, will you RIDE with Camp Fire First Texas on September 21?