March 17 is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a Camp Fire First Texas blog

March 17 is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. A special, national holiday that Camp Fire created and has celebrated since 1997 to remind ourselves and those around us how important it is to tell young people they matter! 

Why do kids need this level of encouragement now more than ever? Remember what it was like growing up? Now multiply that by a global pandemic, social media pressure and climate change anxiety! If you’re a young person reading this, well, you’re likely facing challenges us “olds” never dreamed of (and maybe won’t ever fully understand).  

What does Camp Fire do about it? 

We connect young people to the outdoors, to others and to themselves – AND we tell kids they are incredible, just for being who they are.

Here’s what you can do today! 

  1. Put March 17 on your calendar.  
  2. Download your #AIKD letterhead 
  3. Think about how to make an impact. Watch the video for inspiration!
  4. Get some writing tips and templates.  
  5. Then, just do it! In any way that feels genuine to you.


You can show your financial support by picking up a bag of Spark Roast Coffee from Campfire Coffee Co. A portion of each bag purchased will be donated back to support local Camp Fire programs! Buy a bag today. 


If you have some additional time, settle in for a conversation with some Camp Fire thinkers about why Absolutely Incredible Kid Day might matter more than ever this year. 


About Camp Fire First Texas

Camp Fire First Texas is a nonprofit that invests in North Texas communities by providing out-of-school time and outdoor learning programs for children and youth while also offering workforce development programs for the educators who care for them. 

We envision a community in which every child has equitable access to quality learning opportunities that cultivate the skills they need to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world.