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Development Manager

Tamara Clement serves as Development Manager at Camp Fire First Texas.

A seasoned fundraising and marketing professional, Tamara has over two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector. She oversees all aspects of fundraising, from planning and executing events to managing donor information. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Henderson State University and a Master of Arts in Theatre from Louisiana Tech University.

With such a focus on the arts, you might wonder how she got involved in fundraising. Well, as Tamara tells it…

I left college with a dream to one day manage a theatre company, but life got in the way (and it was a good thing!). Instead of producing and directing plays and musicals, I found myself falling into administrative roles in the nonprofit performing arts space. It wasn’t something I had envisioned, but it was something I found I was good at and that I loved.

Tamara started her career in box office and customer service, and then moved into grant writing and marketing. She devoted more than two decades to supporting the work of symphony orchestras in Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia and Texas. She joined the Camp Fire team in January 2021, and is excited for the opportunity to serve her community through her current vocation. Her passion for building up the leaders of tomorrow is what drives her every day.

Apart from her work, Tamara is a beach lover at heart and enjoys spending time by the Atlantic Ocean with her husband, Jeff. They have two children, who are now young adults, and are also pup parents to Lilly, a Tibetan Terrier mix, whom they rescued in 2017.

Tamara is an active member of the community and serves on a committee for a Public Art Project on the Meacham Corridor. She is also a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Senior Quote

A wise man once told me, “You can pick your choices or you can pick your consequences, but you can’t pick both.” This is something that has stuck with me and guided me as a parent and as an individual.