WoHeLo Hour Traditions text, campers with walking staffs

While we can’t be together in-person this summer, Camp El Tesoro Staff, Counselors In Training (CITs) and other guests will be sharing weekly camp-at-home activities spotlighting a different theme each week.

This week, our special guest is talking traditions. Camp traditions often happen organically, but many are a passed-down treasure and each generation of campers builds on the foundation. Whether it is 100 years or 100 days old, camp traditions help build relationships, create connections and even give youth the opportunity to be leaders for the next generation.

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Social Connection

What are your favorite camp traditions? Share a story about why those traditions are important and what they mean to you.

Activity 1 – Talk About Traditions

Traditions are important outside of camp, too. Talk with your family about your favorite family traditions. Maybe it is what you do every 4th of July, or on the first Friday of the month or every Monday you have a special meal – what is your family’s traditions? You could also start a new tradition!

Activity 2 – Meal Marker

Each day before meals at camp we sing a blessing (like the one featured in the video below) to mark the beginning of the meal. Sing or share a camp blessing before one of your meals!