Summer Writing Assistant

Every camper has their favorite activity. From traversing Lake Leo in a canoe with friends to the thrilling satisfaction of hitting your mark in archery or triumphantly reaching the top of the climbing wall, there is no shortage of options at Camp El Tesoro. When asked about his favorite activity, Levi exclaimed passionately with a gleam in his eye, “Horseback riding.” Levi is enamored with horses and appreciates their swiftness and majesty while galloping. The horses are a sight to see, and the campers and staff alike are always impressed by their grace and stunning beauty. They even make the camp Facebook page annually as the “first campers” to arrive. 

Levi also loves the thrill of riding, looming high up in the air like a giant; he says riding makes him feel “tall and fast.”

His experiences at camp have sparked a love for horses that goes well beyond camp and wants to own a horse of his own one day. While he loves horse riding, it is merely one of the many things Levi enjoys about camp. He also enjoys having a cool splash in the swimming pool with cabinmates or a spirited game of basketball. 

When a camper has attended El Tesoro for three years, they receive a tenure walking staff to celebrate. Unfortunately, Levi was unable to participate in camp last year due to COVID closures. However, he was given his walking staff this year because he would have been at camp if he could and beamed with joy at the prospect of receiving it later in the week.  

Throughout his time at El Tesoro, Levi has formed tight bonds with his fellow campers, staff, and the camp itself. He says his time spent here is “special,” and it’s evident that Levi will cherish memories formed at El Tesoro in his heart for years to come. Levi is far from the only person to have their lives positively impacted by their time at camp and every summer it is filled to the brim with happy faces. 

Join Levi at Camp El Tesoro overnight camp next summer.

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