TEens in Action

Teens in Action provides year-round support to high school students to remain actively engaged in school, graduate and prepare for a promising future. Teens in Action combines small group meetings, field trips, community volunteering and mentoring to promote commitment and follow through and inspire vision for the future. The program boosts confidence, builds self-esteem and develops leadership skills. Youth are encouraged to reach for their dreams despite life's circumstances and ultimately become adults who build society and give back to the community.

Program Benefits

1 Strengthened Family Connections
Teens in Action help strengthen family connections by hosting parent engagement nights and conducting home visits.
2 Increased Community Engagement
Youth have many opportunities during field trips to connect with the community around them, volunteer with the needy and learn about local businesses and cultural centers.
3 Improved Grades & Attendance
Teens in Action staff provides individualized attention to students and also offer small group classes to help them identify and resolve issues teens face.
4 Improved Confidence & Leadership Skills
Teens in Action uses the "Thrive" initiative that has been proven to give purpose and instill leadership and goal management skills.
5 Preparation for the Future
Through educational and career-focused field trips, students learn about various career options and gain skills that promote career preparation.

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