There are so many benefits of selecting onsite professional development from Camp Fire. For more information, contact us about your professional development needs.

  • Meets the specific needs of your team
  • Create a training that is individualized- keep in mind what the staff already know and where they need to grow/improve
  • Choose a topic that your team can make the most of
  • Have experienced and knowledgeable staff from Camp Fire provide quality PD
  • Flexible hours/days to meet your team's needs
  • Receive targeted feedback for improving and enhancing your current environment
You can select from a 3 to 6-hour course. The following list is a sample of topics, but we can tailor-make any type of learning experience for any age group ranging from infants to school age. See sample agendas.


  1. Teambuilding (administrative)
  2. Leadership/accountability
  3. Caring for the caregiver

Relationships (all ages)

  1. Building Relationships - foundations of learning
  2. Ages and stages of growth and development
  3. Working with children displaying special needs

Literacy (all ages)

  1. Ideas and activities to support literacy and language development
  2. Making the most of word walls/vocabulary building

Curriculum (all ages)

  1. Positive interactions
  2. Observations, assessments and portfolios
  3. Science/Math
  4. All about project approach- children/teachers go on the exploration journey together
  5. Licensing standards/legal issues/health/safety

School Age

  1. Active learning
  2. Reframing conflict
  3. Structure and Clear Limits


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