Levi loves the thrill of riding horses, looming high up in the air like a giant; he says riding makes him feel “tall and fast.” Thankfully, he gets to have this annual experience thanks to his time at Camp El Tesoro.

In fact, his camp experiences sparked a love for horses that goes beyond camp. He would like to own a horse of his own one day!

Each year, Camp El Tesoro welcomes campers with mild intellectual or developmental disabilities or differences as part of a robust inclusion program. Children with disabilities are included in cabin groups and camp activities. Levi has attended camp for three years as part of this program. While horseback riding is a favorite activity, he also shares the tight bonds with his fellow campers and the camp makes his time at El Tesoro special. These are the reasons he wants to return each summer.

Like so many, Levi was disappointed at the closure of camp in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Not only did it keep him from the camp and friends he values, but it also postponed a significant camp milestone – receiving his walking staff. At the conclusion of the third summer, each camper receives a special walking staff that includes the camper’s name and the beginning of the camp logo which is added to each year resulting in a complete design at the conclusion of 10 years at El Tesoro.

This summer, one year later, Levi received his walking staff. His experience of finding joy and the bonds of friendship at camp are priceless stories and are made possible for him and so many others with the support of annual donations.

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