Worthy of Your Investment: Camp Fire First Texas Receives CNM Certified Prime 2023

Fort Worth, Texas (May 15, 2023) – Camp Fire First Texas was approved for and earned the 2023 CNM Certification Prime. 

For more than 40 years,CNM has helped strengthen nonprofits by focusing on results through strategic management and data expertise using leading-edge technology. 

“At Camp Fire, Data-Informed Practice is one of our stated values. We value data because it tells a story about our community’s current needs and gives us the power to envision programs and practices that help fill gaps while supporting what is already working well.” said Dr. Toni Sturdivant, Camp Fire vice president early education workforce development.

CNM Certified was designed to build stronger communities by driving more efficient and effective philanthropy for funders and nonprofits. The program helps funders make smarter investments by recognizing nonprofits serious about generating outcomes and demonstrating their programs are making a tangible, positive impact in the community.

“CNM Certified indicates that an organization has the documentation and processes in place for data-driven decisions. And the CNM Certified Prime indicates that agencies have gone beyond the documentation and processes to actually USE data for program evaluation,” said Wendy Ogren, CNM vice president of services.

This CNM Certified Prime confirms that Camp Fire First Texas is: 

  • using valid methodology for collecting, analyzing and reporting program outcomes; 
  • making data-driven decisions; 
  • improving program performance; and 
  • engaging stakeholders in a meaningful way. 

Ryan Barrera, Camp Fire chief advancement officer shared, “Camp Fire has a long-standing reputation for providing a significant, lasting impact on the lives of those we are entrusted to serve. Being CNM Certified Prime means that our stakeholders can be confident that we strive daily to fulfill our mission through excellence and that their investment in Camp Fire is sound.”


About Camp Fire First Texas

Camp Fire First Texas is one of the largest Camp Fire councils in the country and invests in North Texas communities by providing out-of-school time and outdoor learning programs for children and youth while also offering workforce development programs for the educators who care for them. 

Camp Fire programs stand out from others as they are uniquely focused on the two periods of greatest brain growth and development: early childhood and early adolescence; they leverage the impact of the outdoor environment on the brain to educate and connect children to each other and the world around them and maintain a continuous improvement loop to maximize community impact. 

We envision a community in which every child has equitable access to quality learning opportunities that cultivate the skills they need to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world.