Camp Fire First Texas hosted An Artists’ Christmas virtually on November 13. Here are the three takeaways everyone should be talking about.

  1. The Art! – This year, 80 incredible pieces of art were donated to the event by local and regionally recognized artists. Of those, 79 pieces of art were purchased! Yes, that is incredible and hasn’t happened in quite a few years. Maybe all that time in the home inspired folks to add to it’s beauty.
  2. On-Screen Energy – Harnessing the energy of a live event when shifting to a virtual format can be tricky, but event host, Paige McCoy Smith of WFAA, and auction host, Gayle Stallings from FUNauctions, were dynamite on-screen. Take a look for yourself!
  3. That Patio Party Package – This year’s raffle winner was a first-time Camp Fire AAC attendee, invited by a committee member. Based on the size of this year’s Patio Party Package, we’re guessing when the pandemic subsides, there will be some serious celebrating!

Funds raised at this annual event directly support Camp Fire’s programs that help children and youth in North Texas find their voice and discover their Spark. Thanks to the generosity of this community, Camp Fire will be better positioned to continue this important work.