Emily’s Camp Fire Journey

 “Camp Fire will change you. It will make you see the world and yourself differently,” explained Emily Smith who just completed her Freshman year at North Side High School. She first walked through the doors at Camp Fire Diamond Hill Station (DHS) Summer Day Camp when she was in first grade. She was shy and found the program to be a fun constant in her life year after year.  

As she grew older and outgrew summer day camp, she became a part of Camp Fire Teens in Action where one of her most treasured memories was the opportunity to create a concept, design the theme and participate in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights. But she also found the exercises and discussion centered on communication styles and self-awareness as life-altering moments. “I began to be nicer and realize I could accept others even if they didn’t have the same ideas I did.” 

Because of Camp Fire, she has become more open and outgoing (a social butterfly as her group leader defines it). 

Emily is grateful for her journey and that she always has someone to support her as she continues along her path. “Whether it is academic or personal, the leaders at Camp Fire and the friends I’ve made will always help you no matter what you have going on.”  

Help fund life-changing impact. Camp Fire First Texas helps youth in our community thrive.  

  • 94% of youth feel happy, heard, and supported in Camp Fire. 
  • 83% of youth said adults in Camp Fire encourage them to explore the things they are interested in. 
  • 82% of youth said adults in Camp Fire help them solve problems instead of telling them what to do. 

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