Fort Worth, Texas (November 24, 2020) – Unprecedented, unusual, strange, challenging and pivot have all been adjectives to describe 2020. Looking forward to 2021, Camp Fire First Texas is embracing a new adjective, hope.

As the sun sets on 2020, the nonprofit that focuses on helping youth Thrive by finding and discover their Sparks – those things that excite you, give you energy, motivation, and purpose – is launching a year-end campaign that focuses on the possibilities for a new year using the tag #Hopefor2021.

“While the crux of the end of year is a final effort to raise essential funds for a nonprofit, we want to use this time to also encourage our community to raise their spirits and harness this hashtag to begin sharing what they are hopeful for in 2021,” explained Camp Fire First Texas vice president of development, Julia Summers.

Camp Fire, like many other organizations, had in-person programs come to a jarring halt in March with the shift to distance learning and subsequent rising health concerns.

Despite the disruptions, Camp Fire programs continued to show up and be there, making a difference in the lives of youth when they need it the most, as current research illustrates.

Current findings in a study by America’s Promise Alliance on ‘The State of Young People During COVID’ suggests youth in our country are experiencing a collective trauma. A national survey of youth aged 13-19 reported they are:

  • Feeling less connected to classmates, adults and school;
  • More concerned about basic needs, health, and academics;
  • Experiencing poorer emotional and cognitive health; and
  • Finding support helpful when it is offered.

Young people need the right supports in place to Thrive. This is and has been at the cornerstone of Camp Fire First Texas program framework.

“Our programs and staff were extremely responsive throughout the current health crisis. Even with necessary and pressing changes, the care and support for youth and families didn’t skip a beat,” Summers explained.

Program directors re-worked lessons on gratitude, belonging and exploring emotions into bite-sized weekly emails and activities delivered directly to families. Weekly calls to check in with families and youth while they were distance-learning which continued throughout the summer and we were even able to host two four-week day camp programs for some more traditional summer learning and fun.

“It is our goal to end the year on a positive note and turn our attention to the possibilities of 2021,” she concluded.

Join Camp Fire First Texas by voicing what your hopes for 2021 are in conjunction with the tag #Hopefor2021 and consider how you can support the youth who benefit from Camp Fire First Texas programs this year and beyond.


About Camp Fire First Texas

Camp Fire First Texas is one of the largest Camp Fire councils in the country. Programs are for boys, girls and their families and include camping, after school programs, teen services, environmental education, and school readiness, in addition to professional development for early childhood educators. In Camp Fire, children and youth find a safe, fun and inclusive place – a place where they form lasting relationships, develop a sense of belonging and make positive contributions to the lives of their families and their community. Camp Fire youth have life-enhancing experiences and develop assets essential to their futures. Camp Fire changes young lives for the better in our community. Inside and out.