Guest Contributor

Mayra Olivares-Urueta, Ph.D.
Camp Fire Board Member

Hello Camp Fire First Texas!

I am Dr. Mayra Olivares-Urueta, one of the newest members of the Board of Directors for Camp Fire and I wanted to let you know my why . . . why I have chosen to devote my time to this wonderful organization.

I learned about Camp Fire, believe it or not, when a person I admire asked me if I would consider joining the Board of Directors. I had to do a search online for what Camp Fire was because I had heard of it very few times (through work) and didn’t have a full sense of what it offers. When I had my introductory call with one of the current Board Members I was hooked! Ms. Mares told me about Camp El Tesoro de la Vida – which is for children who have experienced the loss of a parent- and that was all! The only thing I needed to know about Camp Fire.

I lost my father when I was 11 months old and my mother was pregnant with my sister. My mother did the most and best to help me and my sister adjust to the loss of my father, share how wonderful he was, and help us process the loss by providing personal counseling for us. I recall counseling sessions and loving every second I got to spend with my counselor because it just felt like playing, what kid doesn’t love that?! I know there was healing somewhere in there but it all just felt fun and I looked forward to it.

When Ms. Mares told me there was a whole camp for kids just like me, I imagined how an opportunity like that might have helped me… what friends might I have made in similar situations like mine who would understand how this loss shows up suddenly and strongly? Randomly while working, sitting in the audience of your own child’s school performance, watching a movie… it’s a loss that never leaves you.

So Camp Fire, you had me at grief camp…

I am excited to contribute meaningfully to Camp Fire and to bring my best to you always.


Dr. Mayra

70% of campers who attend Camp El Tesoro de la Vida require financial assistance. If you would like to support a camper, consider making a contribution  or attending the next Grief Camp Benefit Dinner & Auction.