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Child Development Specialist

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Margaret Mapp joined Camp Fire First Texas in August 2020 as a Child Development Specialist for the School Readiness Program. In this role she is responsible for building a trusting relationship with teachers to promote growth and development in their classrooms. She accomplishes this by ensuring teachers have access to the latest research, providing professional development, and teaching up-to date strategies. She also assesses child outcomes and data to individualize teaching strategies and build skills in children as well as their teachers.

Margaret brings more than 14 years of early childhood experience to Camp Fire as both an assistant teacher and lead teacher in both private and Head Start early education programs. She looks forward to helping other teachers impellent and develop activities in her current mentorship role as a child development specialist. In this role she is able to help people- both children and teachers- reach their full potential.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Child Development from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon University. She also holds a Pre-K CLASS Certification she received from Teachstone.