Thriving Thursday. Activities and tips for all ages.

Juggling the role of parent and teacher is not always easy. If you are looking for a fun reading actvity for your child to develop both their reading and critical thinking skills, you will really enjoy this one.

The “Exploring Emotions” activity mirrors the movie, Inside Out. Your child has the opportunity to think about an emotion, show you what it looks like through their eyes by creating make-at-home hand puppet and then reading a book where their puppet gets to play along.

We have included a parent guide,to help you get started and offer questions to get your child thinking about their emotions.

Below is a list of materials and some recommended books to read.

BONUS! Many of the books recommended have video readings.

Project Materials

Brown paper bag (1 per child)
Scissors (parent supervision is encouraged)
Construction paper
Random art supplies
Short stories (see book list for ideas)

Book List

I’m Bored (video reading)
My Mouth is a Volcano (video reading)
The Way I Feel (video reading)
OR Choose something from your own bookshelf!

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Thriving Thursday: Sharing Our Proven Path to Youth Success

Camp Fire uses Thrive{ology} to teach youth to identify sparks, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management, and take time to reflect.

During this COVID-19 crisis, Camp Fire is here to do what we do best – help children and youth thrive by  providing tools to parents and other adults that help youth discover their sparks, gain self-confidence, enhance social emotional learning skills, learn life-changing life skills, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management and take time to reflect and reframe in the face of adversity.

Throughout this shelter in place, every Thursday, Camp Fire First Texas will provide families interactive games, routines or a daily ritual they can incorporate to help their child thrive.  Join the Thriving Thursday email group or follow Camp Fire First Texas on Facebook and Instagram.