Renewing Your Director’s Credential with Camp Fire

To renew you must have completed 90 hours of training (60 in Child Development/ 30 in Business/Administration) since the issue date of credential that meets training requirements for child care directors. Thirty (30) hours must be business-related training. Please review the Minimum Standards criteria 746.1311 (a)-(g) regarding acceptable training topics in the training summary document.

Complete and submit to Camp Fire the following items:

Provide documentation of completed training

Record your training, in chronological order, on the training summary form. Attach copies of training certificates. Each certificate must include:

  • topic
  • presenter/name of agency providing training,
  • date of training
  • number of hours awarded

If you have taken college credit courses in lieu of training seminars or workshops, enclose a copy of the transcript or grade report.

Complete the Renewal Application
Complete the Program Update Form
Submit a copy of your current CPR and First Aid certificates

(these are not applied to the required 90 hours)

Submit a renewal fee of $215.

(50% of fees are refundable in the event renewal is not approved. Checks payable to Camp Fire.)

All of the above MUST BE SUBMITTED to Camp Fire 20 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to the expiration date of your credential.

Information can be dropped off or mailed to Attn: Early Education Workforce Development, Camp Fire First Texas, 2700 Meacham Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137.

When it is determined that all information is complete, a renewal credential for three years will be issued.

If you have questions, please contact us or call 817.831.2111.