Everyday Heroes

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At Camp Fire we have many everyday heroes. They include the individuals and organizations that recognize the importance of our programs and support our efforts through financial support or the volunteers that selflessly give of their time.


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We must learn to take some time for “you” time which better enables us to handle our many responsibilities.  What this may look like is different for everyone but that makes it no less important for any of us. 

A REAL Summer Camp Story

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Like many other kids my age, I grew up watching camp movies like The Parent Trap and Camp Rock. Though those movies admittedly aren't the most realistic portrayal of summer camp, watching them made me long to have a magical summer camp experience as the main characters had.  

Young people want to shape the world – now

2020-12-16T16:16:26-06:00December 26, 2020|Kids, THRIVE{OLOGY}, Youth Voice|

A recent survey by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) found “83 percent [of youth ages 18-24] say they believe young people have the power to change the country.” That’s exactly what we want young people in Camp Fire to discover, practice, and believe: Their contributions and leadership matter to their communities, our country, and the wider world NOW – not just in the future.


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