A Camp Journey

May 3, 2022|Alumni Stories, Camps, Powerful Programs|

About 20 years ago I took my first steps across Camp El Tesoro’s lovely swinging bridge. Although at the time it felt like I was crossing a grand expanse on a thin swinging rope. Anxious, excited, and filled with wonder, I weathered that adventure to start my first day of camp. Unaware it would set me on a path that, much like the trails at our extraordinary camp, would shape me into the person I am today. 

Reflections – A Blog

October 16, 2020|Adults, Alumni Stories, Camps, Powerful Programs|

Camp Fire programs use Thrive{ology} as a framework, which includes a segment called “Reflections” at the end of a program or task, as a review of what was learned, what went well or not so well, and the lessons learned. Today, I thought it appropriate to do a little reflecting myself, as I left the Camp Fire Resource Center for the last time as the President/CEO, the end of a 43-year experience working for Camp Fire First Texas.

Passing the Torch

September 22, 2020|Adults, Alumni Stories, Leadership & News|

For all you fans of Camp Fire First Texas, I imagine we shared similar emotions when Ann Sheets announced her retirement. In my case, I first felt appreciation for her service and gratitude for her friendship. But, to be honest, I also had anxiety that we’d be able to fill her shoes. After all, Ann’s been a vital part of this organization for decades and it’s difficult to imagine Camp Fire First Texas without her!

Camp Fire First Texas Will Welcome New President/CEO in October

September 17, 2020|Adults, Alumni Stories, Camps, Education, Kids, Leadership & News, Powerful Programs|

Fort Worth, Texas (September 15, 2020) - After receiving interest from more than 150 candidates, Camp Fire First Texas is excited to announce Lauren Richard will take the reigns as the next president/CEO of Camp Fire First Texas on October 12. The organization began searching for a new leader in January 2020 following the retirement announcement of Ann Sheets, current president/CEO. A Transition Task Force comprised of board members and community leaders was formed and oversaw the search process. They originally anticipated a June transition, but when the COVID-19 health crisis occurred, the team adjusted the timeline. “Our Transition[...]

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