Summer Writing Assistant

Summer camp is a phenomenal chance to form new and long-lasting friendships. The pandemic wreaked havoc on everyone’s personal lives for a whole year. It is easy to feel lonely and isolated from our fellow humans and the outside world. Even the most social butterflies and biggest extroverts were left feeling secluded. Seeing campers excitedly running around, canoeing, playing, and forming friendships feels like a long-needed return to normalcy. No two campers exemplify this more than Jayden and Jacob, who made jests and giggled throughout the entirety of my interview with them.  

The two friends excitedly expressed their anticipation for a fire cookout their cabin was having later that evening. “Everything tastes better cooked over a fire,” Jayden exclaimed enthusiastically as Jacob nodded in clear agreement. The cookout is just one of many activities that cabin mates enjoy together. 

Jayden is from Arlington, Texas. He is a first-year camper and attended camp thanks to a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County. He enjoys the connections he has been able to make at camp (including his friend Jacob), as well as the vast array of outdoor activities. His favorite outdoor activity is a game named GaGa ball. Campers stand around a short wooden palisade and try to avoid a constantly moving ball.   

Jacob, from Abilene, Texas is much like Jayden. He enjoys the personal connections with peers that camp affords him. Jacob loves archery and wants to one day have a bow of his own. Jacob is also an avid outdoorsman and has caught (and released) upwards of five frogs during his week at Camp El Tesoro.  

A wonderful aspect of summer camp are the opportunities it provides, and none more important than to meet and form long-lasting friendships. What are the chances a teen from Abilene and Arlington would meet, camp, shoot arrows and share their love of nature (and a nicely roasted hot dog) without camp? Thanks to El Tesoro, they have formed a strong bond and will be friends for years to come. 

Join Jayden and Jacob at Camp El Tesoro overnight camp next summer.

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