Safe Summer Practices & Precautions

The health and safety of our campers and counselors is our priority.

This is going to be a great summer at camp. El Tesoro staff have spent the past year actively seeking guidance from industry safety leaders like the Centers for Disease Control, the American Camp Association, the Association of Camp Nursing and state and local public health authorities as we prepare for summer. With the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, we will continue to evaluate and implement best practices as summer approaches. 

It will be helpful for adults and campers alike to be familiar with this year’s practices. 

Before Camp

Testing Required

5 days prior to drop off. Overnight campers and staff will be required to have a negative PCR* test before arrival, with the test conducted no more than 5 days prior to arrival at camp. Rapid tests will NOT be accepted.

As of 4.9.21, provides free PCR testing at 12 DFW locations, several other locations state and nationwide. Appointments can be booked online up to 10-days in advance. Curative will collect insurance information, but only for their reimbursement purposes.

*PCR tests (also known as “Molecular tests”), are a different type of diagnostic test than rapid (or “antigen”) tests, and often take 1-3 days for traditional laboratory tests results or minutes for at-home tests. More information about the differences can be found here –

Camp Screening

10 days prior to drop off. Overnight campers and staff are required to monitor and complete a daily health log for 10days prior to arrival at camp. It is strongly recommended to quarantine for 10 days prior to arrival at camp, when possible.


Parents or staff must notify the camp director or registrar if anyone in the household begins to exhibit any known symptoms in the 10day period leading up to arrival at camp.

Staff Preparation

In addition to the standard, robust week-long training provided each summer, all camp staff members additionally participate in training specifically focusing on COVID-19 prevention, protocols and procedures. Vaccination is strongly encouraged for anyone able to access it prior to camp.

During Camp

Arrival Screening

Upon arrival to camp, without exiting their vehicle, campers and any other individuals in the vehicle will be screened by the camp medical staff for any known COVID symptoms. After the screening is completed, only the camper(s) will be permitted to exit the vehicle

Mask Usage

For much of the day, overnight campers will participate in activities mask-free. Masks will be required for all indoor activities, not including their assigned cabin (such as arts & crafts and woodshop), and activities that require interaction with people outside of their “Family Groups” (ex: horseback and high ropes).

Masks must have 2 or more layers of washable, breathable fabric, completely cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly against the sides of the face without gaps. All other forms of masks, N95, medical grade, those with exhalation valves or other face coverings such as neck gaiters, buffs or bandannas will not be permitted.

Family/Cabin Groups

Activities and programs will be scheduled by Family Groups (i.e. each cabin) and by Cohort (i.e. each age group) to reduce potential exposures. Each Family Group will have a maximum of 10 campers. Cohorts are age groups of 4-6 cabins. Social distancing will not be required while a Family Group is by themselves, but social distancing of at least 6will always be maintained between Family Groups. To prevent exposures between any two Cohorts, at no point will Family Groups of different Cohorts be permitted to be within 20of one another.


Each meal will have 2 serving times with half of the camp eating at a time and only every other table will be occupied to maintain distance between each family group. All meals will be served by the kitchen staff and no items will be self-serve or buffet-style. All tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized daily at the beginning of each day, as well as after each meal.


In addition to regular handwashing and hygiene, hand sanitizer stations will be strategically placed throughout camp – in each cabin, as well as in each program area, and other high traffic areas. Program areas and materials will be sanitized in between uses. High touch areas within cabins and program areas (such as doorknobs, tables, light switches, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized daily at the beginning of each day.

Daily Wellness Checks

Counselors will conduct a daily health log for themselves and for campers as part of their bedtime routine monitoring for any symptoms and will report any symptoms to the camp medical staff and camp directors.

Limit Outside Exposure

Overnight camp will be treated as a “bubble” with no visitors allowed on site, except for essential business. Counselors will have limited outside exposure during their sessions, and parents will remain in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up.

Response Plans & Communication

Camp El Tesoro has put multiple effective response plans in place. In the event someone does fall ill at camp in 2021, we have established multi-staged quarantine and isolation procedures that will allow us the time to determine the best response, including whether the ill camper or staff member will be able to rejoin the camp population.

We are here to help you enjoy a fun and safe summer. These precautions will allow a multi-layered approach to allow our campers the freedom to experience camp in the safest way possible 


If you have any questions about our approach to COVID-19 and summer camp, please give us a call at 817.831.2111 or send us an email at