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Summer Writing Assistant

Summer vacation can be the most enchanting time of a child’s life, or it can be the most boring. And a boring summer vacation is like a firework with no color or sound; it lacks the magic. Serenity relates to this idea wholeheartedly as she feels summer is a “waste of time” without camp. Due to her parents working during the day, she would have little to do at home by herself without camp. However, at Camp Fire Diamond Hill Station, she feels she can be a leader, have fun, and even learn a thing or two. As a middle schooler, boredom is the worst fate one can suffer and must be avoided at all costs.   

Serenity’s freedom from the shackles of boredom occurs at Camp Fire Diamond Hill Station Day Camp. She was enthusiastic and joyful when she explained the kinds of things they do at camp and why she enjoyed them. “They have different activities for us to do each day,” she told me with vigor while pointing proudly to a poster she had finished earlier in the week. The poster was one of her name written colorfully with big letters alongside hobbies and interests important to her and filled to the brim with her favorite characters from TV.  

At day camp, the faculty and staff do their best to implement education alongside the fun of summer camp, and it shows. Serenity showed me another fantastic poster she created about the country of Italy. She explained how each camper got to pick out a country and were assigned to find out more about their country and create an educational piece of art about it. Her poster of Italy was both chalked full of information and a delight to gaze upon artistically. It was ripe with facts about the boot of Europe, from population to currency, to the capital, and much more. When asked why she choose Italy, Serenity passionately declared, “Because I love pasta!” The poster was so well informed that I was able to learn new things about Italy too (including the national animal is a grey wolf!)  

Serenity feels like she can be a leader for the younger kids at camp, and they feel like the siblings she never had. From new friendships forged to exciting and creative activities, summer camp at Diamond Hill Station affords her a refreshing break from boredom. 

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