photo of Anaya and Kyra sitting at a picnic table

Summer Writing Assistant

Summer camp is an important aspect of a child’s life. It is a time for relaxation, human connection, growth, and serves as a brief respite from the chaos of our technology-filled world. Camp El Tesoro is more than just a plot of land. It is a living, breathing community that welcomes all, ripe with fun activities and personal experiences. A cornerstone of camp is that no matter where you come from, whether it is your first summer or your tenth, you have a home. No one exemplifies this more than the sisters Anaya and Kyra.

Having made the long and difficult move from their home state of California, the two girls both expressed that camp was a great way to immerse themselves in the Texas community and to meet others. Although the sisters are still trying to get used to the ruthless heat and us “always saying the word y’all,” they are both in agreement that Camp El Tesoro is a wonderful welcome to the Lone Star State.

Kyra enthusiastically explained how archery is one of her favorite activities at camp. Through her practice and time at the range, she learned to manipulate the feather at the end of the arrow to change the trajectory of her shot, a far cry from her initial experience of struggling to even hit the target. Kyra also loved trekking the tall Mt. Loma with her cabinmates and conquering the mountain together while enjoying the breathtaking sights of El Tesoro.

The girls’ love for camp is sincere and heartwarming, Anaya the older of the two sisters, recited a haiku written by her and her cabinmates about what Camp Fire means to them. The poem is exceptional and an excellent way for Anaya to articulate and express her feelings. She had never tried her hand at poetry but seemed a natural for reciting them with vigor. Anaya is a great example of how Camp Fire strives to help all its campers reach their potential and discover new passions. These wonderful opportunities were made possible for Anaya and Kyra due to the generosity and hard work of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County.

Camp El Tesoro Haiku

Camp El Tesoro
Is super-duper fun and
Cool We love it here

They may have come to camp feeling like outsiders, but they will leave El Tesoro as fully-fledged Texans. Anaya & Kyra’s enthusiasm and vigor for El Tesoro make me confident they will be campers for years to come.