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Inclusion Program

in•clu•sion \in-ˈklü-zhən\ noun. 1) the belief that all kids can belong and participate 2) the act of making sure that no child sits on the sidelines.

Every child deserves a great summer! 

Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro includes up to three campers per week with mild intellectual or developmental disabilities. Children with disabilities are included in cabin groups and camp activities. 

Though our entire program staff is trained to support students with a mental, social, or health concern, please keep in mind that Camp El Tesoro does not provide specialized, one-on-one care for any individual camper.

The Inclusion Program is designed to work for each child individually.

In collaboration with parents/guardians, individualized plans for each child enrolled in the Inclusion Program are put together to address each child's specific needs. These needs and the accompanying plan are based on supplemental information provided by the parents/guardians and the camper's school counselor.

Who We Serve Disabilities

Campers enrolled in our Inclusion Program may be developmentally delayed, physically challenged, have other medical diagnoses that affect development/behavior, or require special medical attention or equipment (Diabetes, breathing apparatus, etc.). Diagnosis can include, but not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, PTSD or intellectual disabilities. Enrollment of children is determined on an individual basis.

Essential Eligibility Requirements

El Tesoro has compiled a list of essential eligibility requirements, which are designed to ensure a safe and meaningful experience for all campers. Campers who meet these requirements are welcome at camp. If a camper does not meet an essential eligibility requirement, a further discussion with camp staff must take place prior to enrolling at camp, in order to ensure that the staff can meet the camper's needs and that the camper can have a successful camp experience.

Staff Training & Preparation

  • All camp staff attend an inclusion training session before camp begins
  • In collaboration with parents/guardians, each inclusion camper's specific strengths and needs, including dietary, are discussed and a plan is made to accommodate them
  • The Inclusion Coordinator contacts the family before the camp week and during the camp week, if it is determined by staff and parents/guardians that check-ins would be beneficial



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        Contact us or call 817.831.2111 to discuss your child's specific needs.


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