Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro
Overnight Camp 

Activities Encourage a Growth Mindset

Age-appropriate activities develop social and emotional confidence in campers while they build new skills and make new friends in the outdoors. Campers select three activities for their session when they arrive at camp. 

Campers are able to increase their skills by advancing through progression levels and are recognized on Friday in receiving their honor beads.

• Horsemanship
• Junior Naturalist
• Tennis
• Basketball
• Swim Lessons
• Outdoor Living Skills   
• Outdoor Cooking
• Challenge Course

• Kayaking
• Canoeing
• Archery
• Arts & Crafts
• Fishing
• Drama
• Astronomy 

"El Tesoro gives my child the opportunity to experience an environment free from electronics so that he can connect with people and nature." - Elizabeth, mom of 9 year old boy