Happy Talk

In times of stress or uncertainty it can be challenging to talk about our thoughts, feelings or ideas clearly and fully - it can be even harder to listen.

These lessons will help your child develop healthy, effective and respectful communication skills that they can use at home, school and with friends..

Communication is how we get a message, idea, thought or feeling to someone else. While this may seem obvious, youth don’t always realize that communication is more than just the words we are saying.

Communication is, yes, our words, but it is also our tone of voice, behavior, body cues, symbols and signs.

70% of our time is spent communicating – and most of our communication is LISTENING.

This week’s Thriving Thursday is focusing on building and understanding communication skills, learning how to respect others and see things from another point of view.

  1. Take a look at the Parent Discussion Guide for Happy Talk.
  2. Read this funny story and work through the communication style talking points, conversation starter questions and silly game to practice and role play with all the elements of communication.

Thriving Thursday: Sharing Our Proven Path to Youth Success

Camp Fire uses Thrive{ology} to teach youth to identify sparks, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management, and take time to reflect.

During this COVID-19 crisis, Camp Fire is here to do what we do best – help children and youth thrive by  providing tools to parents and other adults that help youth discover their sparks, gain self-confidence, enhance social emotional learning skills, learn life-changing life skills, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management and take time to reflect and reframe in the face of adversity.

Throughout this shelter in place, every Thursday, Camp Fire First Texas will provide families interactive games, routines or a daily ritual they can incorporate to help their child thrive.  Join the Thriving Thursday email group or follow Camp Fire First Texas on Facebook and Instagram.