Four Leaf Clover – Man, I’m Lucky

In stressful times or in times of change, it helps to focus on what you are grateful for in life. In fact, the act of practicing gratitude can rewire your brain increasing its strength, resilience and ability to manage anxiety and depression. (Read all the benefits and the science here.)

The “Four Leaf Clover” activity provides an age-appropriate framework for adults and children to explore gratitude using art, self-expression and creativity.

Materials needed:

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Thriving Thursday: Sharing Our Proven Path to Youth Success

Camp Fire uses Thrive{ology} to teach youth to identify sparks, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management, and take time to reflect.

During this COVID-19 crisis, Camp Fire is here to do what we do best – help children and youth thrive by  providing tools to parents and other adults that help youth discover their sparks, gain self-confidence, enhance social emotional learning skills, learn life-changing life skills, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management and take time to reflect and reframe in the face of adversity.

Throughout this shelter in place, every Thursday, Camp Fire First Texas will provide families interactive games, routines or a daily ritual they can incorporate to help their child thrive.  Join the Thriving Thursday email group or follow Camp Fire First Texas on Facebook and Instagram.