Connect Every Day

Rituals and connection activities help build strong bonds and healthy relationship skills in children. Connections help to stimulate healthy development and create environments where children feel safe and secure.In times of uncertainty, our children pick up on our stress and may internalize it.
The best way to help address these feelings are through building positive connections between you and your child. Taking the time to connect daily is simple and a great way to giggle, release some stress and find common ground. It doesn’t have to be complex.

Try one of these simple activities today. Weave it in before or after a meal or even when you see your child getting a bit restless.

All Around the Garden

“Round and round the garden”
(Draw circles on your child’s hand with your index fingers as you say the words.)

“Goes the teddy bear”
(Continue drawing circles on child’s hand.)

“One step, two step”
(Walk your fingers up the child’s arm heading to the armpit.)

“Tickle under there”
(Give a gentle tickle under the child’s arm.)

Twinkle Star

“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”
(Raise your hands slightly above your heads. Wiggle your fingers together to represent the “twinkle” of the stars.)

“What a wonderful child you are.”
(Rest your hands on your child’s shoulders with your child’s hands on your shoulders.)

“With bright eyes and nice round cheeks”
(With your index fingers touch child next to his eyes and then on his cheeks.)

“Talented person from head to feet.”
(Take child’s hands in yours and swing them up high then swing them down low.)

"Twinkle, twinkle little star”
(Touch fingertips with your child as in the beginning.)

“What a wonderful child you are!”
(End the interaction with a hug.)

Silly Dance

(Child’s Name)'s hands are up and

(Child’s name)'s hands are down.

(Child’s name)'s hands are dancing

All around the town.

Dancing on my knees,

Dancing on my feet,

Dancing on my shoulders,

And dancing on my cheeks (blow raspberries)


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Thriving Thursday: Sharing Our Proven Path to Youth Success

Camp Fire uses Thrive{ology} to teach youth to identify sparks, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management, and take time to reflect.

During this COVID-19 crisis, Camp Fire is here to do what we do best – help children and youth thrive by  providing tools to parents and other adults that help youth discover their sparks, gain self-confidence, enhance social emotional learning skills, learn life-changing life skills, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management and take time to reflect and reframe in the face of adversity.

Throughout this shelter in place, every Thursday, Camp Fire First Texas will provide families interactive games, routines or a daily ritual they can incorporate to help their child thrive.  Join the Thriving Thursday email group or follow Camp Fire First Texas on Facebook and Instagram.