While team building can seem like a waste, it’s actually imperative to lasting success. Investing in your employees illustrates commitment to the cause and helps promote leadership’s own values. Inviting employees out for a day out of the ordinary makes all the difference.

The value of company culture has risen in significance.

As workplaces innovate and strive to set themselves apart both as a business and an employer, we see this vital component take precedence.

According to a 2018 study conducted by Globoforce and SHRM, 47% of HR leaders say that retention and turnover are their greatest challenges. Many studies have linked Millennials and Gen Z especially, to a core need for well-developed office culture. Most employees falling in these two generations say that they generally don’t expect to stay at the same job for more than two years. This can be traced directly back to their expectations of a work environment.

In a 2013 study, research found that nearly 70% of employees are disengaged in the workplace. This causes a serious disconnect in culture. With less employee relations and with minimal motivators, productivity falls at a staggering rate. Outside of productivity, when employees become disengaged, they care less about the whole and more about the individual.

Team building is a critical element in creating a lasting and effective office culture. Forbes featured a piece on the importance of team building in a 2016 article. They highlighted the notion that team building is an investment. Taking the time to embrace the diverse parts of your team and emphasizing the importance of each member allows for better connections. When employees feel valued and recognized, their productivity not only increases drastically but encourages employees to put down roots as well.

Forming connections between co-workers creates a better flow of communication and productivity. It enhances the overall experience of the workplace. Brian Scudamore (Forbes writer) also mentioned “The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.” This is why places like Camp El Tesoro have so much success when organizing team building events.

An experience at Camp El Tesoro is a complete 180 degrees from a usual day at the office. Camp staff and team building facilitators fully engaged guests with each other and challenge them to get out of their comfort zones with co-workers. Organizing specific games on the low elements of the challenge course allows bonding, critical thinking, and diverse opinions to be shared. It enforces the importance of knowing how to communicate with your peers.

Employees have been proven to perform better on all metrics when put on a horizontal team structure as opposed to a vertical one. Being able to directly connect with leadership allows for employees to feel seen and heard. When Employees feel like they can directly engage with their superior, their contributions grow.

Success can be easily found when employers take the extra step to pull their team together; harnessing individual strengths to help the whole.



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