Do you know what month this is? Do you know that it’s “Hump Month”? Ok, so I don’t sound too much like a popular commercial camel declaring “Wednesday Hump Day”. But this is June…the sixth month of the year and the beginning of the second half of the year. So I declare June as Hump Month!!!

So what fun things can you do to celebrate June? I thought of a few ideas but I’m sure you, dear reader, can come up with some of your own. Below is a mix of active and more laid back ways to enjoy the mid-year hump.

Active- The search for the best Snow Cone stand!

You may think this is an easy task but for my family this was a summer long journey of yummy discovery.  Did you know, for example, there is a certain temperature that the ice must be for the perfect shaved ice snow cone? Chunky ice crystals are not allowed! There continues to be great debate about the flavors.  Are the best all natural fruit juices or syrup? Do you mix flavors or are you a purist and only one flavor at a time? Good Grief! The list could go on and on…

Laid Back- Greatest Summer Reads!

Yes, my friends- BOOKS! Hard cover, paperbacks, or e-books - there are so many fun and worthy titles that are begging to be discovered beginning in June. One of the ways we chose to get into the story was by having our own Book Club. Everyone reads the same book so we have a wide open field to talk about the characters. Why did the author have the character do some “really dumb” things?  How can we make our own plot twists? Another option is to act out the story (especially fun for young readers). This option tends to tip over into the Active side because sofas turn into ships and the kitchen table transforms into a palace. So much fun! Of course, option three is for individual book reading so we all can discover our own favorite titles and genre. Go visit your local library! This is an inexpensive way to ignite imaginations young and not-so-young.

Active- Park it in the Park!

 A regular outing to a playground is a summer favorite. Not only do children (and adults) get great exercise and burn off energy there is an added bonus of meeting others and getting back to nature. My family’s favorite parks were surrounded with green space and trees. Chasing butterflies and collecting rocks, leaves, and the occasional pocketful of pill bugs created lifelong memories. Again, the search for a favorite park helped overcome the potential Summer Hump blahs.  

Laid Back- Creative Corner

I have a ready supply of art materials (paper, yarn, materials and wood scraps, tape, glues…). Let’s face it, there are times when it’s hot and the children say “I’m bored”. Open the box and provide a Tinker Space. Who knows what can be created with odds and ends. My children had the most fun taking apart old wind-up alarm clocks, making murals out of chunks of wood, and placing just the right cloth square in their quilt. (Please be aware of choking hazards with young children and set limits on what can be dismantled.)

I hope these ideas help you enjoy Hump Month and provide continued fun throughout the summer. Come up with your own Summer mix!


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