Meet Taylor, a Parker County Day Camper!

Taylor is a six-year-old (almost) first grader who spends his summer days at our Camp Fire Parker County Day Camp. Taylor loves coming to camp every day. Being at camp gives Taylor the opportunity to participate in activities he wouldn’t experience at home – like learning how to play chess! One of his favorite camp activities is spending time outside. Whether it’s playing on the playground, taking a dip in the pool or going on Friday fieldtrips, Taylor enjoys experiencing the hands-on learning provided by Camp Fire programs. At camp, Taylor learned about what a “spark” is. His spark is Beyblade, and his spark champions are his counselors at day camp.

 Another aspect of camp Taylor loves is that he is constantly surrounded by friends. Some of the friends in camp with Taylor are from his school and the Camp Fire after school program at Stuard Elementary, but what he really loves is making new friends. His favorite part of camp this summer was taking a field trip to AT&T Stadium. He and his campmates got to play on the field, visit locker rooms and eat lunch while watching monster trucks on the big screen. Taylor already can’t wait to come to camp next summer, too!