Meet Ramiro, our fourth Camper of the Week for summer 2015!

Ramiro lives in Laredo, Texas, more than 400 miles away from Camp El Tesoro! But that doesn't stop this second-year camper from making the trip. Ramiro's dad brought up the idea of going to camp to him a few years ago and after finding Camp El Tesoro online, they knew it would be a great fit for him. This year, Ramiro selected outdoor cooking, arts and crafts and archery as his three activities, but his favorite part of the day is swimming.

Ramiro is a self-proclaimed computer lover, spending a huge majority of his free time using some sort of technology. Camp El Tesoro gives Ramiro a needed break from electronics – something he looks forward to every year. Ramiro said surprisingly, he gets more rest at camp than he does at home. Instead of staying up late on his phone, after a long day of camp activities he falls asleep almost immediately and gets a good night's rest. As for plans for the future? Ramiro said the distance won't stop him from coming back – he will definitely be at camp next year!

What is your favorite camp activity?
Swimming – I never get to swim at home.

What would you be doing if you weren't at camp?
I would wake up and get on my computer. I would be using technology all day.

Why is it important for every kid to go to camp?
To see how fun you can have when you're removed from technology.

What would you tell your friends about camp?
That camp is really, really fun.