Meet Tad, our third Camper of the Week for summer 2015!

Tad is a fourth year camper at Camp El Tesoro and can't imagine a better place to be for the summer. This year, Tad signed up for four weeks of overnight camp! Tad first got the idea to come to camp for four weeks when his sister, Annie, became a CIT; he loves being able to enjoy camp while making lasting memories with his sister. As an experienced camper, Tad has had the opportunity to participate in almost every camp activity. But this year, he had a special goal – conquer his fear of heights. Tad chose to do the challenge course for one of his activities to help him overcome his fear. With the encouragement of his fellow camp friends, Tad was able to climb to the top of the challenge course tower and take in one of the best views of Camp El Tesoro.

Tad considers himself a shy-guy, but when he comes to camp he knows he can really "come out of his bubble." Camp is his safe-place where he makes friends easily and always has fun. Tad says he loves El Tesoro because the skills you learn at camp and the bonds that you make really last a lifetime.

What is your favorite camp activity?
The challenge course – it helped me conquer my fear of heights.

What would you be doing if you weren't at camp?
Watching YouTube videos.

Why is it important for every kid to go to camp?
To learn that technology isn't the best thing ever – being around people and interacting will help you later on, not technology.

What would you tell your friends about camp?
You learn a lot of things at camp that you don't learn at home.