Meet Olivia, our second Camper of the Week for summer 2015!

Olivia is a ten-year-old girl from Burleson whose love for Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro spans an entire generation. When Olivia first came to camp three years ago, she wasn't nervous at all – her dad had already given her the inside scoop because he was a camper at El Tesoro, too. She was singing camp songs and knew all of the cabin ghost stories before she walked across the swinging bridge.

With the help of her dad's stories, her new cabin friends and her awesome counselors, Olivia has learned to make her own memories at camp. This year, Olivia is participating in volleyball, fishing and her favorite, canoeing. She calls camp her "safe place" - a home-away-from-home where she knows she will have fun and learn new skills every year.

This year is even more special for Olivia. As a third year camper, Olivia was presented with her walking staff at closing ceremonies. Decorated with beads and wooden activity disks from years of camp fun, Olivia can carry her staff proudly knowing she truly embraces the values of WoHeLo at Camp El Tesoro and beyond.

What is your favorite camp activity?
Canoeing! When it rained we got to take the kayaks to the pool – that was fun.

What would you be doing if you weren't at camp?
Hanging out with family and staying indoors.

Why is it important for every kid to go to camp?
Camp teaches you how to work together and go with the flow.

What would you tell your friends about camp?
Camp is really fun! They have diving boards and canoeing and horses. It's full of fun activities.