Meet Sam, our first Camper of the Week for summer 2015!

Sam is a seven-year-old boy who loves Camp El Tesoro. He first came to camp during our annual family camping weekend. Sam loved family camp so much, he decided to come to overnight camp for the first time ever this summer.

What makes Sam so unique? After having so much fun at family camping, Sam saw the importance of getting kids to go outside and explore – but he knew this wasn’t possible for every family. While the camp fee is affordable for many families, for some the financial burden is just too much. Sam knew he had to help. He found a tin coffee can and wrote “Donate to El Tesoro” in black sharpie. For weeks Sam saved his allowance and chore money – even washing the dishes twice for extra cash. At the end of his saving, Sam had $13 to donate to El Tesoro (which his mom matched).

Sam said he can have more fun at camp knowing he helped give another child the same amazing experience.


What is your favorite camp activity?

Arts and crafts (his favorite is the melty beads) and Gaga ball

What would you be doing if you weren’t at camp?

Sitting inside playing video games

Why is it important for every kid to go to camp?

So they can stop playing video games and have fun outside

What would you tell your friends about camp?

You make lots of friends and arts and crafts is fun