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A spark. What is it?

Camp Fire defines a spark as talents, interests, commitments and qualities that give kids—and adults—energy and purpose.

Depending on who you ask, the ultimate definition is always the same, however, it can be explained differently, but I’d explain it similarly to Jacob Summer a fellow employee and After School Program Director:

It is a passion or interest in something that gives a person joy or energy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something they’re good at, just something they’re interested in.

In life, I’ve encountered many moments where my options were limited for one reason or another. As I’m sure many others have encountered as well – it’s in these moments when our resourcefulness and hidden talents are often found.

Call me Ms. Mechanic! Yes, that’s right – I’m a handy lady (sometimes). After numerous bad experiences of dealing with Auto Mechanic Shops; the long waits in the lobby, the over-priced car parts, not to mention the “labor” hours (my list can go on but I’ll stop there) I decided I’d have to become resourceful. How? By doing my own research to try to learn and, sadly, a whole lot of trial and error. Over the past few years, I’ve become my own personal car mechanic. I’ve learned how to change my own flat tire, spark plugs, serpentine belt, tensioner pulley, lifted the car engine, replace the struts, change the oil, an assortment of car filters and hoses, various lightbulbs, and car battery. If you had told me at a younger age that I’d be doing any of my own car work, I would’ve looked at you with sincere disbelief. Although the talent of being your own mechanic may have come naturally to some, it didn’t for me. Those beginning moments of pure confusion, struggles and those many bumps along the road were not fun, yet appreciated. Looking back, those moments have made me a better version of myself and for that, I’m thankful to have the love of learning as my spark.

Five years ago, when I started working for Camp Fire First Texas, I always heard talk about a spark; to find your spark, and the repeated question of, “What is your spark?” I knew this was part of Camp Fire’s mission and purpose, but at that time I didn’t have a full grasp of what having a spark really meant. I was content in the way I was and falsely accepted that I didn’t possess spare talents as others did. But that just isn’t so. It wasn’t for me and it’s not for anyone else. You see, there is nothing wrong with being content, it’s in those moments of contentment that we feel at rest and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The problem lies in never moving from there. When we get overly comfortable and accept that we just “are who we are” and there couldn’t possibly be any growth. That’s where the issue lies. How can we become better? How can we be expected to learn and experience new things without pushing ourselves? There is always room for growth and learning – no matter how cliché that sounds. It’s true!

Just as I’ve found some of my own hidden talents, so have the countless number of children who’ve attended Camp Fire!

Thanks to their spark and the staff who’ve guided them along the way! Camp Fire encourages children to find their spark. Teaching our future at such a young age, to have a growth mindset while encouraging them to continuously strive to achieve their full potential in all that they do is a program I admire, which is why I’ve had my own child enrolled in various Camp Fire programs throughout the years.

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