Covid, a growth mindset and me text over image of fall leaves

Brand Manager

The last several months (7 months – it’s already been 7 months) have been full of challenges, to say the very least.

One day in early spring 2020 I packed up a few things from my office, picked up my two preschool-age children from child care and drove home thinking we’d hunker down and enjoy a vacation/work-from-home couple of weeks. Oh, how very little did I know. And how quickly did I have to learn.

For my family I’ve navigated grocery delivery, cooking at home (ALLLL the meals), sourcing toilet paper (who even knew this could be a skill), making space in our home for rest and play, strategizing social distancing and setting the calm tone in which we are choosing to face this global pandemic.

For my children I’ve accepted letting go of my screen time restrictions (but not quality programming), taught them that their sibling is really their best playmate, encouraged free play and outdoor exploration, tackled 6-weeks of online kindergarten and embraced the emotional roller coaster of losing all your friends and playmates overnight.

For my work, I’ve mastered a multitude of new software programs and learning to connect while keeping our distance. We’ve launched a new website, produced an online fundraiser (and another is coming next month), created a summer camp focused blog series, moved to online meetings and group chats, implemented new communication techniques and tools. Oh, and did I mention we have a new CEO who started this month?

I look back on this list and wonder, how?
How have I managed all these things?

I’ve done it with a Growth Mindset.

Did I sometimes fail? Sure did.
Did I succeed? Sure did.
Did I keep trying? I still am.

I was taught from an early age that I could figure it out. That I could learn more, work harder and try again. These were not just lessons from my parents but also lessons that I learned through my childhood participation in Camp Fire programs. I was a club kid and an El Tesoro camper – I relished in the opportunities to learn and try new things. Each meeting or trip to camp brought new opportunities – new failures – new successes.

Today, I’m bringing those same Growth Mindset lessons to my family life, my children and my work for Camp Fire First Texas. Some days are filled with failure (and sometimes tears) but some days are filled with success (and joyful shouting) – let’s keep trying and hope for more wins than losses.

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