In Camp Fire, children and youth find a safe, fun and inclusive place – a place where they form lasting relationships, develop a sense of belonging and make positive contributions to the lives of their families and their community. Camp Fire youth have life-enhancing experiences and develop assets that are essential to their futures. Through three social impact areas, Camp Fire programming provides the opportunity for children and youth to explore their sparks, learn to make healthy choices, develop social skills, build new skills and have fun.


Impact Areas

Through three social impact areas - Work, Health and Love (WoHeLo) Camp Fire provides the opportunity for more than 22,000 children, youth, families and child care providers annually to explore their sparks, learn to make healthy choices, build new skills and chart a course for success that will carry through the rest of their lives and positively impact their communities.




Encourage volunteerism, service learning and citizenship


Develop the health and well-being of the “whole child” including physical, cognitive and social/emotional health


Foster a love of the outdoors and environmental stewardship


Our Programs

Camp Fire programming allows participants to explore their sparks, learn to make healthy choices, develop social skills, build new talents and have fun. Our goal is to provide youth with opportunities to cultivate their inner passions, skills and attributes (or “Sparks”) to stimulate Thriving - a forward, purposeful motion toward achieving one’s full potential.


Our History

Camp Fire First Texas was founded in 1914. For 100 years, the organization has shaped youth and families. From the early days of Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girls, the organization has grown into one of the largest councils in the United States with programs for boys and girls that include everything from camping to school readiness. Read more about our history.



Our Future

While our programs and services meet the needs of today’s world, they retain the values of self-sufficiency, service, outdoor appreciation, leadership and character that have been the foundations of Camp Fire from the beginning. And we’re ready for the next 100 years.