Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

Save the date - March 15, 2019

Your words are powerful. Take the time to tell a kid or teen how special they are.

Join thousands of people across the country:
Write, call, text, post, message. The medium doesn't matter. The message does: You are incredible just the way you are.

Pledge Your Voice Today!

"On March 15, I will tell at least one young person why they are INCREDIBLE!"

We will send you ideas, tips, and a reminder as the holiday approaches.

Founded by Camp Fire in 1997, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a national holiday that lifts up the kids in our lives. Every year, on the third Thursday of March, thousands of adults send notes, emails, letters, texts, videos (you choose!) to encourage and inspire young people across the country.

Participating in AIKD is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. Words are powerful – young lives are changed by this day and simple act of your encouragement, love, and kindness.