Texas Outdoor Education Center

“We must make sure the next generation also has the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with nature, because they cannot grow to love nature if they do not experience it. If children lose their love of nature, who will be the environmental stewards of the future?”
 -  America's Great Outdoors: A Promise to Future Generations

Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro is an outdoor laboratory where students and teachers can combine their efforts and expertise to learn about and care for the natural environment. Knowledge gained through hands-on outdoor learning activities and applications set the stage for a lifelong commitment to protect our environment and create solutions to the environmental challenges that arise.


Unit lessons support the TEKS and STAAR, define measurable objectives, provide dynamic hands-on activities and support classroom experiences. Students are led through both formal and informal activities to introduce and reinforce scientific concepts and competencies required for their grade level. Everything from archery and campfires are used as real life examples to build dialogue and understanding around scientific content.

Curriculum Concepts

  • Orienteering
  • Fossils Studies
  • Birding at El Tesoro
  • Tree ID
  • Wildflowers of Texas
  • Animal Habitats & Tracks
  • Erosion
  • Insects
  • Aquatic & Conservation Studies
  • Astronomy (day & night)

Adventure Units

  • Archery
  • Compass & Geocaching
  • Initiative Games
  • Team Building & Problem Solving
  • Nature Scavenger Hunts
  • Canoeing
  • Cookouts
  • High and low ropes challenge course

Nighttime Units

  • Night Sensory Hikes
  • Astronomy
  • Campfire

The program operates during the school year and offers a choice of one to five-day learning experiences. Contact us today to schedule your custom experience or call 817.831.2111.


Custom Programming

We will work closely with your school to design a custom program that fits the needs of your students, including lodging and meals. Typical Program Length:

3 Days

7 meals

2 Days

4 meals

1 Day

no meals

All programs include custom student journals. Teachers and chaperones only pay for meals. We are ready to help you set up your experience at El Tesoro. Contact us online or call 817.831.2111 for your personalized consultation.


Location and Facilities

Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro, established in 1934, is a 223-acre camp located in Granbury, Texas, on the bend of the Brazos River at Fall Creek. Prairie grasslands, freshwater river, creek beds and wooded terrain offer a variety of ecosystems to explore.


Students stay in cabins equipped with restrooms and private showers. Meals are served family-style in our dining hall. Multiple indoor facilities are available for instruction.



Camp El Tesoro is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This assures you that camp practices have been measured up against 300 industry standards. ACA accredited camps voluntarily go through a rigorous risk-management process to provide a supervised, positive environment with controlled boundaries where children can grow.


Our Staff

Our trained staff make the difference. Staff receive ongoing training in youth development and the Thrive methodology. This helps each child learn to thrive by allowing them to explore their personal interests, make healthy choices, develop social skills and have fun. Camp Fire programs offer an environment where youth can learn through active exploration and interaction of program staff trained to observe and engage youth to support, extend and clarify learning.

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