Camp Fire Fort Worth

For more details about Camp Fire Centennial events contact Corinne King at or 817-831-2111, ext. 106.


Centennial Host Committee

In Memory of Fred W. Auld and
   Mary Ann Megan Auld
Anne T. and Robert M. Bass
Mrs. Evelyn H. Breaux
Dr. Robert and Joyce Capper
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Corinne and Richard King,
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Kathryn and Russell Laughlin
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Patricia C. and William A. Massad
Elise and Phil McConnell
Pati and Bill Meadows
Sara Hatch Mitchell,
   In Honor of Susan and
   Weldon Hatch
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Cheryl and Fred Moore
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John and Kay Molyneaux
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Winn-Dunaway Foundation, Inc.
   Carol and Jim Dunaway
Drenda and John Witt

As of 7.10.14

Camp Fire First Texas Centennial Celebrations

March 6 - October 12



Camp Fire Historical Exhibit

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

September 10



Centennial Celebration Luncheon

11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Fort Worth Convention Center


1 & 2



Project Daffodil

Youth Service Project in partnership with Streams and Valleys, 25,000 daffodils planted along the Trinity River banks

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