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Child Care Locator Service

Camp Fire's CCR&R has developed various referral packages in an effort to respond to the variety of parenting needs. (Please be assured that all information you supply will be kept confidential.)

If you are interested in your company providing Child Care Resource and Referral services to employees, please contact us with the name and direct phone number of your Human Resources Director.

To set up an advanced or premium search, or if you have questions, contact 817-831-2111 or 1-888-312-4448, Monday-Friday from 9AM - 5PM, or email


Premium Search

Cost: $40
This search option provides parents/guardians with professional support for the duration of the search process. This level receives:
One-on-one intake with child care counselor.
A single search based on:
     • Age of child/children
     • Type of care desired
     • Location of care desired
     • Days of the week care is needed
     • Hours care is needed
     • Any additional information requested
         (i.e., budget, pets, curriculum, certifications, ratio, group sizes, etc.)

Providers are contacted by the child care counselor to verify openings.
Search results include a full profile of 5-7 provider programs.
Additional Searches.
Resource information on quality child care is provided to parent/guardian.
This requires a 2 business day turnaround.

Advanced Search

Cost: $10
This search option provides parents/ guardians with professional support to manage the first half of the search process.

 This level receives:
One-on-one intake with child care counselor.
A single search based on:
     • Age of child/children
     • Type of care desired
     • 15-mile radius search

Detailed contact list of 5-7 of the best - matched programs provided. Additional Searches.
Parent/guardian will have days and hours of operation and ages served.
This requires a 3 - 5 business day turnaround.

Additional Searches

An additional search can be performed for a $30 fee.
Ideal for those who want more options than the 5-7 provided on the initial search or who want to identify child care in more than one location.


About Camp Fire Resource and Referral Services

This service is currently only available for searching the following counties: Erath, Hood, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant and Wise.

These providers are intended as referrals only. Specific information included in each child care referral is submitted to Camp Fire by the provider. We do not license, endorse or recommend any provider. Additionally, we do not ensure that any provider offers quality care. We encourage you to visit the providers to determine what is best for your family and your child care needs.

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